Five directions of future hardware industry transformation!

2020-06-16 00:00


Though China has nearly 6000 hardware production enterprises, but still not power, from the historical evolution, hardware tools manufacturing industry in the world has experienced from the European and American countries to Japan, Taiwan, India transfer process, and from Japan, Taiwan, India, moved to the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta and other coastal areas in China, most of China's hardware tools company is still in his extensive in the export processing trade is given priority to, or for the United States, Japan and many other big dealer generation processing, product value and added value is low.

Facing severe macroeconomic, actively explore China's hardware industry, comparative and international hardware tools industry development and the status quo of China's hardware industry, hardware tools industry only adapt to the market, participate in international competition, aimed at the world's advanced, actively adjust the product structure, expand the competitive space, is the way to develop China's hardware tools.

1. Change the extensive production mode and transform to fine hardware

At present, most of the products produced by some tool enterprises are old, with rough processing, low energy level and high energy consumption. Most of them use carbon steel as the matrix of hardware tool production. Product profit around 8-10%, a combination pliers, a wrench profits are only a few Angle, price under 10 yuan only, and foreign production hardware tools products using the raw material is given priority to with chrome vanadium steel, the production of high-quality goods hardware tools price is in 100 yuan, 10 times difference, this doesn't match with the Shanghai metropolis status, and domestic and international business, advanced manufacturing industry are looking forward to the high grade product.

2. Change the face of products to independent innovation

China's hardware tools products have broad space for development, it is reported that the United States Snaang tools company a business production and distribution of hardware tools there are more than 3000 varieties, tens of thousands of specifications, equivalent to the sum of China's tools products 6 times, so domestic enterprises do not always stare at the old products, the old face, to open the mind. If there is no big breakthrough in the variety and style, can not adapt to the requirements of the international and domestic market, the variety and quantity of hardware tools products to have a substantial increase, should increase the intensity of new product development and express, quickly fill the blank of hardware tools products, hardware tools industry can have new vitality.

3. Change the traditional sales mode to the modern sales network

To establish a modern marketing system, seven extensions should be achieved: first, to extend to the first-class domestic fair and the first-class hardware city, so that its products will become an all-round platform for display, exchange and cooperation. The second is to expand the direction of internationalization, to attract more foreign merchants with preferential policies. Third, it extends to the intangible market, gradually realizes the e-commerce online transaction extension, establishes and expands the online market, and expands the transaction order. Fourth, extend to the distribution market. Fifth, to extend to the chain market, throughout the country to build a unified name, unified logo, unified distribution of the chain sub-market. Sixth, it will extend to the equipment industry. Seventh, the establishment of marketing agencies in the field, so that the product to the frontier position in the field. As the benchmark market of the national hardware and electrical industry, the national integrity demonstration market, the national top 100 brand market, with the best combination of "Expo (procurement festival)+ most port value entity market + e-commerce network online transaction" operation mode, Wanguan Hardware and electrical City enjoys a high recognition in the hardware tools industry and outside.

4. Change to implement brand strategy

Luo Baihui, a well-known brand marketing expert in hardware mold industry, believes that enterprises should formulate brand construction plans, increase technical reelection and technical innovation input, improve product quality, to special, fine, special, new brand direction development, in order to attract market attention, turn swords into plowshare, into the world brand forest.

5. Change the phenomenon of going it alone and take the road of joint and cooperative brands

Rapid industrial development in our country now, hardware tools should catch up with the industry development in our country, in order to meet the demand of the development of all walks of life, like the brand, it combined the best production enterprise in our country, in the production of quality products, increasing by 30% a year, last year's best exhibition of fine hardware union set hardware tools ship industry, mould industry in Shanghai international exhibition is a form of good.

At present, China is in an economic transition period, and the development of hardware tools industry is also facing great adjustment. It is believed that after 30 years of reform, as long as we follow the scientific outlook on development, accelerate the transformation of development mode and structural adjustment, and grasp the development opportunities in the face of adversity, the appearance of hardware tools industry will certainly take on a new look.